Docent Delivered

Serenity At Your Door 

What do you get when you combine holistic wellness and education? Enter Docent Delivered, a trusted CBD subscription box delivered to you monthly. Each box is filled with various products handpicked by CBD-certified professionals for you to try and discover what works best for your health and lifestyle. DayCloud was brought in at the beginning of the project to develop the branding. From there we worked on the website including design, development, UX/UI, copywriting, and print design. The branding with the hummingbird set the tone for us to have fun with brand messaging such as “Take flight with Docent Delivered” to “Join our Charm,” which is a group of hummingbirds. Learn more about CBD and Docent Delivered on their website.


  • Identity Design & Branding
  • Brand Messaging
  • Mission & Voice Strategy


  • Website Design & Development

Visual & Print Design

  • Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Print & Packaging
  • Promotional Materials

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