June 18, 2022

Canva 101: for non-designers

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool making it easy to navigate for non-designers.  Not only does Canva offer templates for over 400,000 graphics, they are also easily customizable to your desired colors, fonts, and more!

A new application can be hard to navigate at first, so here are a few steps to get your designs started! 

Step one:

To start click “create a design” in the top right corner. From there you will see a drop down box of all pre-sized designs and a custom size.  These pre-sized templates are great for any desired design you are looking for ensuring it is correct!

canva create design

Step two:

Pick a template! I always search for a key word of the design I’m looking for! An example of what I could search is “contact”.  When I was creating a graphic for our Instagram story, this was an easy way to search for the certain formatting I would want on the design. Then from there I modified it to my liking. 

canva "contact" templates


If your design is missing something and you would like to add something click the elements tab on the far left and this has many shapes, icons, and graphics.  These will enhance your design to the next level. 

canva elements

Step Three:

Export your design! Canva offers easy downloading with multiple image options, perfect for your needs. 

I have grown to love Canva and the longer you use it the better you get!  Canva has given me an outlet which facilitates my ideas.  I love starting with a template design and elevating it to be personable to my idea.

canva download options

Happy designing !

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