May 25, 2018

Whimsical Illustrations that Inspire You to Think Big

Lifegate Church needed a presentation aid to inform their congregation about a capital campaign with the goal of planting 40 Lifegate campuses in 40 years.

Insert DayCloud! We met with Pastor Mike Hintz of Lifegate to hear the vision of the church, and brought it to life with the help of illustrations and a cartoon character that we created and affectionately named, Moochie!

The illustrations were meant to be whimsical and fun to help explain how the idea for the campaign started, and inspire the congregation to ask themselves where God was leading them.

Here is the first presentation we created for Lifegate back in 2016. 

Then, in 2017 they wanted to give a follow up presentation with the big idea of “Where is God leading you?” So, with the help of our good friend Moochie we created more illustrations to further tell their story!

Check out the illustrations for the second presentation below!