April 9, 2020

Welcome to my Remote Office

We’ve all had to quickly adapt and fast-forward into remote work during this uncertain time. Being a Digital Nomad, a Remote Worker, or a Telecommuter is the new normal, and this might potentially jumpstart the way of work post-pandemic.

As a designer at DayCloud, I had already started working remotely just a few months before the crisis. Personally, working from home has saved me time, allowed me to work more efficiently, and enhanced my creativity. I believe in focusing on the positives of this change which is why I put together some benefits of #WFH life and tips on how you can adapt/cope.

 Four benefits of working from home

1. Order Delicious Local Takeout: I’ve been hearing this statement a lot, but let me say it again! Support your local restaurants as much you can during this time. They’ll love you for it and your appetite will too. Grab some Momos from Kathmandu station, Tacos from Mula or Cauli wings from Nite Owl. 

2. Unwind with a Midday Spa Sesh: Treating yourself to a bubble bath in the middle of the workday may seem indulgent, but hey – why the heck not?! Sometimes taking a break in the middle of the day is exactly what you need to reboot your workflow.

3. Enjoy Endless Pet love: Or plant love or family love or roommate love. Whoever you’re sharing your space with, take this as an opportunity to show them you care. If you do have a furry friend, this might be the happiest they’ve ever been – getting attention all day long.

4. Become a Pickling Pro: I think we’ve all been a little bit surprised at how good of cooks we can truly be when we have the time for it. Personally, I’ve gotten into pickling lol. But it doesn’t have to be just that! Maybe you’ve always wanted to bake a seven-layer cake or learn to make sushi. Take this time to get creative with your food! 

How can you cope with the change? 

If you’re new to this concept or are struggling to wrap your head around the remote thing, here are a few pieces of advice!

1. Create Your own Routine

With freedom comes discipline. You have to self-start no matter what, practice discipline and stick to your defined plan, but be kind to yourself during the transition. It’s not always easy to adjust. 

For me – I wake up every morning, put on a pot of boiling water, and make my coveted cup of coffee. I have this adorable personal porcelain french press I use every day. That first cup of joe always brings me joy and makes me excited to dig into my to-do list. 

Which brings me to my next step. I’ve found the physical process of writing down my to-do list makes my tasks more meaningful. Of course, I’m deep in the digital to-do list world, but there’s no harm in creating a hard copy too! 

It’s this morning routine and practice that sets the stage for my day. It gets me in “work mode” and lets me focus my energy on what I’m about to accomplish. 

2. Reach out and stretch out!

I think the biggest thing all of us are missing and craving at this time is face time with our loved ones. As an introvert, I love my alone time but there’s a balancing act and working from home can be a little lonely even for an introvert.

There are definite ways to avoid getting stir crazy. I believe in taking lunch breaks seriously. Make lunchtime your exercise hour or the time you call your friends and family. Don’t feel guilty for taking longer lunch breaks. It’s essential for your well-being to get out of the house, stretch your legs and carve out time for more movement.

3. Dedicate your Work Space (Physically & Mentally)

As a remote worker, you’re in charge of your space and you’re in charge of your day. So I believe it’s extremely important to set boundaries for where and when work takes place whether it be the physical space or the mental space. Set hours for yourself so you know when to be on and when to be off. 

For me, having a dedicated space allows me to get into the work mindset. When I’m sitting at my desk, in my workspace I know I’m in the zone and I know I’m working. I keep track of my time to make sure I’m not working too little or too much. 


You’ll need to figure out what your rhythm is. After all, It’s about staying happy and healthy, doing what you love to do.