June 7, 2022

Things in our Office That Just Make Sense

DayCloud Studios is a brand strategy and digital advertising agency located in Omaha, NE. Our office is inside of “The Mansion” in Blackstone, which is literally an old house that was built in 1912.  This aged beauty has a lot of character and here’s 6 things in our office that just make sense!


1.Costco sized box of popcorn

We love our snacks in the office! We have a fully stocked cabinet full of all of our guilty pleasures. Food makes everything better, right?


2. An ergonomic chair

This is what our graphic design intern, Naila, brought to the office. She sits on it while she works and when she’s gone, we all give it a try. It’s a hot commodity.


3. Our Office Space

Our office space is unique and located in the upstairs Penthouse of the Mansion! One of our favorite features is our couch, we love to have “couch time” with our co-workers to get comfy while getting work done!


4. A cat drawing

This cat drawing is located right behind my desk. Every zoom meeting clients get to look at it. Not to mention it is super cute.


5. Beer on tap

Yes you read that right… We love a good happy hour meeting, what can we say!


6. Unlimited Alani Nu’s

Any flavor, we got it! Our team is caffeine obsessed when it comes to Alani Nu energy drinks. We probably go through an unhealthy amount, but it is our creative juice! Seriously though, @ Alaninu sponsor us…


All of these things make our work environment fun and unique!  Stop by to say hi and check it out! 
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