December 11, 2018

Taco ‘Bout A Party!

Hunt Baby Bash Invitation 

Most people hear the word ‘baby’ and automatically think ‘baby shower!’ Others throw tradition by the wayside, and rent a taco truck! Liz & Andrew Hunt, power duo of DayCloud Studios, are the latter! A baby fiesta was in order to celebrate their first little burrito with 150 of their closest friends & family!

You can’t have a fiesta without a taco truck, well you can, but why would you? However, you definitely can’t have a taco truck at your party without a kick-ass invitation to spread the word!

Enter: Ross Finocchiaro, Designer Extraordinaire. Ross and Liz collaborated on this fun design, complete with a dancing taco!



Liz & Andrew Hunt


Baby Bash


Hunt Residence


Summer 2018





First Things First

Here’s a look at our inspiration for the design!

Design In-Progress 

The evolution of the dancing taco is a personal favorite. However, we lost the maracas in the final design. See below!

Final Design

The final design turned out vibrant, fun and included various components from the mood board. After looking at these designs, it’s safe to say tacos are on the menu for dinner this week!


Designer: Ross Finocchiaro

Art Direction: Liz Hunt