December 20, 2016

DCS Goes ‘Splorin! Illustrations from our annual trip to Henry Doorly Zoo!


When we decided to have a team outing at the zoo, custom-designed t-shirts were in order! But these couldn’t be just any shirts. If we weren’t mistaken for that slightly-off-kilter family that wears matching shirts at Disney World, then we weren’t doing it right!

The inaugural year for the DCS Zoo Shirts, as they are affectionately referred to, started in 2014. We custom illustrated each one with a funny/quirky theme that the team dreamt up. It was such a success that we’ve done it ever since! Let’s take a walk down memory lane!

2014 Too Damn Hot

Inspiration: Billy Madison quote, “too damn hot for a penguin to be walking around”. We went with the “bro tanks” because it’s honestly too damn hot to wear anything else in the summer while walking around the zoo!



 2015 Drama Llama

Inspiration: Random lingo floating around the studio


2016 Dance Like A Tiger

Inspiration: Zootopia’s “Try Everything.” Again, we went with a bro tank this year.


2017 Narwhal & Pizza

Inspiration: We went with stickers this year instead of t-shirts and wanted it to be something weird & random. So, a narwhal & a pizza was born!

DayCloud ‘Splorin

To commemorate our DayCloud Adventures & Field Trips, we made a DayCloud ‘Splorin logo! Check it out!