May 27, 2022

5 of Our Favorite Typefaces for 2022

It can be really difficult to find a font that works best for your business with all of the options out there. For some it might seem like a futile task and one that should be easily completed. But the reality of the matter is that your business fonts can be just as important to your brand identity as your logo. They should reflect your brand’s “vibe” and should be consistent in all of your designs. This is where the designers come in and more often than not, this is one of their favorite parts of the branding process! We’ve picked out 5 of our favorite fonts from 2022 that might be the perfect direction for your next project.


Right Sans

Right Sans is a 2022 typeface by PangramPangram foundry and designed by Alex Slobzheninov. There are 7 different font families which allows users to have up to 98 styles in use. Right Sans teeters on the fence between serif fonts and sans serif fonts making it approachable yet elegant. 



Slussen is a Neo-Grotesque typeface by Blaze Type foundry and designed by Hugo Jourdan in 2022. This is a strapping typeface that is great for tech and industrial-type fields of business. Its flat design makes it readable from both extremely small and large sizes. According to the Blaze Type website, “the complete family ranges across 6 widths and 8 weights + matching italics for a total of 104 styles.” 




The Feature collection by Commercial Type foundry was originally designed by Christian Schwartz and Berton Hasebe for T: The New York Times Style Magazine in 2018. In 2022, designer Hrvoje Živčić expanded the typeface to include new italic styles, display weights, and an all-caps version. The Commercial Type blog described it as “It knows how to deliver seriousness, but also serious fun, and is pretty almost in spite of itself—a gritty flower pushing through a crack in concrete.”




Rezak is a dynamic typeface by TypeTogether foundry and designed by Anya Danilova. With so much variation in styles, this typeface can be used under almost any circumstance. The TypeTogether blog describes it as having a “distinct tone and rhythmic aesthetic allowing it to function as something naïve or emotional, yet always invigorating.” The jaunty design reminds us of a Monsters Inc-esque aesthetic!




Epoxy is a typeface by Type Supply foundry. What makes Epoxy interesting is its unintentional versatility. At its thinnest weight it is contemporary, ethereal, and webby. Yet, at its thickest, Epoxy is quite loud and sturdy. On the Type Supply blog, Epoxy is described as “a typeface designed to work despite being designed not to work.” Quite the conundrum for a quirky and fun typeface!