May 4, 2018

DCS Rocks My Socks Off: Stage 5 Clinger


DCS was my first “big girl job” right out of college, and it was absolutely terrifying. Picture it. It’s March 2013. For some, five years ago seems like a reeeeallly long time ago, but for me, it’s like the blink of an eye.

My first day at DayCloud Studios (then Liz Hunt Designer, yup…I just aged myself), was nothing short of nerve wracking. This totally random stranger (Liz) emailed me two days before asking if I’d like to help her out by doing some freelance work. After being rejected by studio after agency after start up, I jumped at the opportunity. I responded as quickly as humanly possible and waited for a reply. Crickets. FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS. It was pure torture. We laugh about it now, but I’m pretty sure my palms didn’t stop sweating for those entire 48 hours. Long story short, I showed up on my first day of work, and kept showing up day after day until I was finally offered a full-time job (stage 5 clinger). Looking back, I didn’t even have an interview, which is a huge relief because the DCS vetting process is long and torturous. HR is nothing short of an ugly, one-eyed sea monster that just won’t die. (I kid).

I still remember all of the questions swirling around in my head before my first day. What do I wear? How professional should I dress? Do I pack a lunch? Should I bring money to go out to eat? I’m broke! Why am I making this so hard, it isn’t kindergarten for Pete’s sake! Although, if you ask anyone, I am constantly packing PB&J’s & Cheez-Its for lunch, so maybe I stand corrected.

In all seriousness, working at DCS has been an incredible experience. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am that my first job has been such a positive journey. The amount of growth I’ve experienced as a designer, employee, and as a person has exceeded my expectations. Also, eating pad thai at Bangkok (our favorite neighborhood eatery) on the reg isn’t so bad either. I’m so grateful I get to work with the people that I do, in the environment that I do. DCS rocks my socks off!

I know what you’re thinking…but, Michaela, what are some of your favorites projects that you’ve worked on during these last five years? Well, here they are (in no particular order).

Frontier Builders sign 
The entirety of this partnership has been a blast to be a part of. I love the way the sign is backlit against the white brick. It’s clean, simple and profesh. Just the way I like it!

HCB Christmas Card circa 2015
What’s gold, silver & beautifully illustrated?

Complete Christmas Card
I mean, if you’re telling me you don’t love a good rave in a snow globe…you’re lying.

Love Can Pop Up Store
I absolutely LOVED the sense of community that this store created, and all of the awesome people I got to meet along the way.

If you just haven’t had enough of me, click here for even more fun facts about yours truly, and pictures of my favorite DCS projects that I mentioned above!