November 14, 2018

DCS’ 10 Steps To A Great Day As A Designer

Step 1

Coffee. COFFEE. Caffeine. Tea. Energize. Red Bull. Take your pick. You’re about to take over the world, you smart and beautiful designer, you.


Step 2

Practice Unagi – A state of total awareness, in which you can be prepared for any danger. It’s a dog eat dog world as a designer, and you never know when a client will ask you to make the logo bigger or send you an email entirely in Comic Sans font. Be prepared.


Step 3

Looking for a foolproof workout plan? Say no more because you’re about to get buff. Those tabs won’t open and close themselves!


Step 4

Have a meeting because you’re important, and meetings are important.


Step 5

OMG, it’s lunchtime. So, you shall eat your body’s weight in pad thai.


Step 6

OK, it’s crunch time. This is when you ferociously hack at your keyboard and zone out the entire office. At this time, one must wear headphones to give the illusion of extreme business. Whether you listen to any music or not, don’t respond to anyone calling upon you.


Step 7

OH NO!! The pad thai probably is kicking in right about now. Please repeat Step 1.


Step 8

Check your inbox and have a minor heart attack. Delete the 10,000 emails from Teamwork and the other 5,000 from trendy stores or blogs, and you’re left with 5 emails that aren’t actually that scary. Respond and be on your way.


Step 9

MAKE THINGS PRETTY. Because you’re pretty, and you’ve got a pretty office with pretty clients and pretty friends. Pretty much.


Step 10

Take those headphones out and pump up some 90s JAMS so the entire office can watch you celebrate your winning day as a winning designer. You did it, kid.


Illustrations by: Ross Finocchiaro

Written by: Kelsey Scofield