February 7, 2020

Branding (with a little Marketing Advice) For Construction Companies

Why?! Why do you need good branding?

Your brand is more than a logo

Branding is a promotion tool for you and your business. If people don’t know who you are, they won’t hire you to build their homes, buildings, or roads. But, if they’ve heard of you, they’ll trust you faster and feel better about your transaction.

Branding Is Not Just A Logo

Collective experiences build the idea of who you are to customers- this is branding

Branding is the ENTIRE experience a customer has with you. It’s everything from what you’re wearing the first time they meet you, to your website, to your quality of work throughout their project. They all factor into the customers’ impression. These collective experiences build their idea of who you are to them- this is branding. It’s what your customers say about you- good or bad- that’s your brand.

Presentation Is Everything

Make a big impact with your brand

In business, the best, most-qualified companies don’t always win. It’s the companies with the best communication and best presentation. Okay, I know you don’t believe me. So, Exhibit A: McDonald’s. They DEFINITELY do NOT have the best burgers in America. But, when I say “burger,” everyone thinks of McDonald’s. Why? It’s not because they taste good. It’s because they’ve figured out the branding and marketing game: Presentation & Communication.

Online Is Your New Front Door

Your website & social media are the new front door to your business

You may hate it, but social media is the marketplace capturing the world’s attention. People decide whether they like you or not based on what they find online. Gone are the days of a face to face convo or even (gasp) a phone call. If you don’t have an online presence, don’t expect to get new jobs. They’ll make up their minds about you based solely on your website, social media, or other apps. Meaning, *95% of the time, your online presence determines if they call you or not.

Pass the Diversity, Feminist, & Dirty Mind Test

Let’s be honest. Contractors and builders are primarily male-dominated industries right now. That being said, anything you do without the help of a professional (like myself) should be run by a “test” group. This is a group of people who should review your materials to ensure you’re not making any grossly offensive mistakes. Run your ideas by someone of a different ethnicity than yourself, a female (or two if you can), and, of course, always run it by a person with a dirty mind because duh. I’ll tell you from personal experience, this saves lives!


  • Pick an interesting name. If you don’t have any, Google synonyms.
  • Pay for a logo designer. Stop doing it in Microsoft Paint. It never looks as good as you think.
  • If you hate doing it, hire it out to someone! *cough DayCloud Studios
  • Once you have a strong, well-known brand, you can charge more for your services, which is great because we all like money.
  • You catch more bees with honey than you do vinegar. Think about it.

*Stats are completely made up by me