July 27, 2022

5 Team Bonding Activities You Need To Try

Here at DayCloud Studios we value our team culture.  Having a strong team bond allows us to put our best foot forward for clients.  We heavily rely on our team working together to get client work handled.  Here’s some activities that have made us a close knit team. 


Craft Time

Our team has done tie dying and bracelet making together.  This time together was calming and fun at the same time.  Crafts allow you to sit around a table and have something in common to talk about.  Our team even made matching bracelets for each other which made this a fun activity for us to do!


Ropes Course

We recently did a ropes course near us called Tree Rush Adventure, and our team had a blast.  This bonding activity was out of our comfort zones, which is what made us bond so much!  This activity was a 10/10 and required us to be trusting of one another!



Now this is a bonding we love to do!  This has very little direction and team members can give a personal presentation on anything they would like.  This can be funny, informational or just entertaining but gives a glimpse into team members hobbies/interests. For example, Maddie loves to read books so she presented “My Top 15 Favorite Books” and Chelsea is an active hiker, but she went the funny route with it and presented “DCS Members on a hike” and characterized our personalities in a hiking setting.  These are supposed to be fun and light hearted and our team has a very fun time presenting these. 


Shrimp Boil

Luckily our CEO, Liz, is a shrimp boil master! We had a fun evening bonding while stuffing our stomachs full of shrimp! This offered us a relaxed setting to have easy-going conversations with one another!  We even ended the evening with a game of telestrations which was a big hit!


R & R: Pool Time

Finishing off a busy week at work we headed to the pool to relieve some stress.  We ate some yummy food poolside and chatted all day in the sun.  This was a fun bonding activity for us, because who doesn’t like spending time at the pool? 

These are just a few activities we did at our fun filled retreat!  We enjoyed spending time with each other and these activities really helped enhance our bonds.  Let us know if you try any of these with your team!

Check out our instagram reel recap and see all of our photos and videos from these activities!