May 24, 2022

15 Call-to-Action Examples to Use in Your Next Marketing Campaign

A call-to-action boosts success in any marketing campaign and many say it is the key ingredient. Your call-to-action, also known as a “CTA”, is a chance to convert your audience from viewers to consumers.  Not using a call-to-action is a missed opportunity for your viewers to engage with your brand. Below, you’ll find 15 call-to-action examples to use moving forward.

A CTA comes in many shapes and forms. You need to account for placement, sizing, and content.  Many call-to-actions are short and sweet, you want to motivate your audience to take action in a few simple words.

These can look different depending on what channels you are utilizing.  Some of the most common channels for a CTA are web, social media, and print.


Here are a few examples to use in your next marketing campaign:



  • Sign Up Today
  • Buy Now
  • Get Started
  • Try it Now
  • Read More


Social Media:

  • New Post!
    • Give your audience a reason to look at your new post
  • Comment Below
    • Give your audience a reason to comment and engage with your post
  • Link in bio
    • This will send your audience where they need to go encouraging them to click the link.
  • Tap to Shop
    • Utilizing Instagram’s new features for your brand
  • Ask a question
    • Asking a question gives your audience a chance to answer



  • Call Today!
  • Pre-Order Now
  • Learn More
    • This is a great opportunity to include your website and encourage your audience to engage digitally with your brand
  • Offer Ends Today
    • This provides your audience with a sense of urgency to take action now
  • Join our Mailing List


Problems to Avoid When Using CTA’s

Although a call-to-action helps your campaign, you want to be strategic with them.  Too many CTA’s can cause confusion to your audience as to where to look or what to do.  Your chosen CTA’s need to complement one another to maximize their potential.

Be sure your call-to-action is recognizable and stands out amongst the rest of your content. 

So with all of that being said…

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