Ryan Long


Ryan just "gets" it. He is our expert videographer- capturing each and every project with a keen eye for aesthetics and audience-driven mastery.

Before the age of YouTube and smartphones, there were handheld video cameras. Ryan spent his early adolescence with one of these strapped in his hand making ridiculous “movies” with his friends. This was just the beginning of Ryan’s love for making films. As a filmmaker, musician, and writer, Ryan’s purpose can be found in each of these – telling a good story. Whenever Ryan is creating something, no matter how big or small, he is always on the lookout for narrative.


Creating his first drama short in 2009, called swings, Ryan entered it into the Omaha Film Festival. This provided him an opportunity to meet some fantastic people who were making films and he soon found himself on sets, learning a lot. Ryan has produced short films and worked various roles behind the lens. At DayCloud Studios, Ryan wears the hat of videographer, creating exceptional videos and helping tell our clients’ brand stories.

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