Naila Muslic

Graphic Design Intern

Naila's affinity to graphic design landed her at DCS as our newest intern. She brings endless creativity and enthusiasm to the office.

Naila is a graphic design and marketing student finishing up her degree in Lincoln this year! She joined the DayCloud team with experience in marketing working for a Lincoln non-profit offering literacy programs to children in low-income communities. Kids have always been a passion of Naila’s, having spent years working as a nanny and soccer coach.


Naila’s other passions include music and live concerts, travel, and fashion. She tries to attend at least 10 concerts every year and enjoys traveling to them as well. She has a diverse taste in music, from TroyBoi to Johnny Cash. Her family is originally from Bosnia, and Naila enjoys traveling back to Europe every summer to visit extended family. In her free time she enjoys thrifting and upcycling clothing to match her eclectic personal style.

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