She keeps us on task and making deadlines. Which is no easy task considering she is dealing with a bunch of pie-in-the-sky creatives types (except you, Andrew!). But Michaela still succeeds, and with characteristic calm. Or maybe it’s that she has a fifth of gin hiding in her desk.

Michaela earned a BASA in graphic design from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and directly upon graduation joined DayCloud Studios as its first employee. While she still dabbles in a few pet projects, her primary position today is project manager.


Her multiple roles at DayCloud fit her personality perfectly. Always a curious person, creativity fuels her inquisitive nature, while product management appeals to her need to “keep things in order.” But she’s much more than that. Michaela is a sounding board, a trouble-shooter, and her warmth sets the tone for DayCloud’s culture and client interaction.

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