Megan Timanus

Senior Designer

Her inclination for the eerie includes “Rosemary’s Baby” (the original, not the remake), memento mori (antique remembrance jewelry), and true crime podcasts. But Megan’s art – colorful illustrations and letterpress work – is anything but chilling.  

Daycloud’s senior graphic designer grew up drawing; she turned it into a career when her dad encouraged her to channel her artistic talents to graphic design. Megan earned an associate degree from Metropolitan Community College in 2005 and returned to the college classroom, after time in the corporate advertising world, to earn a Bachelor of Studio Arts degree in 2010 from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Her ensuing work history is an eclectic one, including design and paper making at a Lincoln papermill, freelancing for large advertising firms in Omaha, and teaching design on the collegiate level at Southeast Community College and then UNO. Megan is happy to have landed at Daycloud, where community focus and teamwork abound. 


A self-professed life-long learner, Megan enjoys expanding her skillset with coursework (like the Google UX certification class she is taking now) and her own deep dives into a diverse array of topics that pique her interest – from self-care to finance. She and her husband love to sate their appetite for good film while hanging with their dogs, Pepper and Ghost. And Megan is a sucker for an entertaining, and educational (of course), socio-political podcast. 

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