She has a penchant for spicy Thai and bad sci-fi (“Dr. Who” anyone?). But what makes Liz the “Boss Lady” of DayCloud Studios isn’t her love of the off-beat; it’s her absolute “can do” attitude, creative juju, insight on client needs, and kindness to all she meets.

Liz graduated from University of Nebraska at Omaha with BFA in graphic design and communications. Before founding DayCloud Studios, she created for large corporations and small startups alike. She brings this breadth of knowledge to her DayCloud clients, addressing their current needs while strategically propelling their brand.


“Life is about discovery and exploration,” Liz believes, a philosophy that plays large at DayCloud. Her genuine understanding of people – clients and consumers – covers a spectrum of businesses, from commercial real estate, to construction, to service industries. As a life-long learner, Liz makes DayCloud Studios a vibrant, dynamic space for her team and an imaginative, creative partner to her clients.

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