Kendra Perley


Kendra is an invaluable member of the DCS team as our resident wordsmith. She adds life to every project with her copywriting wizardry and knack for exemplary client messaging.

Crack open one of the many journals from her youth and you will learn Kendra had big dreams of being an artist, a singer, or an author. Two of these became a reality. She started writing poetry modeled after Shel Silverstein in grade school, and spent countless hours sketching and painting anything she could get her hands on. Always encouraged to pursue a more analytical career path, Kendra buried her creative pursuits until she could no longer ignore them.


Kendra graduated with a BA from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a degree in Anthropology and completed an MA program in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She was drawn to anthropology because of the focus on human behavior and culture, and she specialized in mythology and folklore. She loves how people craft stories to make sense of their world. It was at this time that she refocused on her creative side and spent her free time painting as a self-taught artist. Fast forward a few years and it finally clicked that a career in copywriting and content marketing was where she wanted to be – crafting brand stories.

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