Jessica Rivera

Marketing Coordinator

Ask Jessica what social media is all about and she will tell you it’s “word of mouth on steroids.” A way for consumers to stay connected to their favorite brands, Jessica loves social media because it gives us the power to connect, voice our opinions, and keep a pulse on the world around us. It’s also an opportune way for brands to share their story and culture, and remind people there are real faces behind the brand.


A self-proclaimed “sponge,” Jessica soaks in every new tip and trick in the rapidly evolving digital marketing realm, and enjoys working with a diverse collection of brands and industries. Posting a variety of content keeps her on her toes and always learning. Speaking of learning, Jessica earned her BA in Marketing from Bellevue University. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, when Jessica isn’t being a social media queen for our clients, she enjoys being in the sunshine, hiking, gardening, and staying active with her pitbull, Harleigh.

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