Connection with other creatives in a studio setting. An emphasis on collaboration. The opportunity to wear multiple hats. These are just a few aspects of DayCloud employment that excite Jacob Candia. “It’s hard not to be inspired by all of this,” he says.

A Dakota City, Nebraska native, Jacob moved to Omaha to attend the University of Nebraska Omaha, where he earned a BA in studio art with a concentration in graphic design. After graduation, he freelanced as a designer and worked remotely as a graphic designer for a marketing agency before coming to DayCloud as a designer. He loves being part of a creative, studio team where he can explore how images communicate ideas and approach design from different disciplines and various mediums. 

 Jacob loves arts and entertainment in all forms: live music (best concert to date: Homeshake in Guadalajara), film (just two words: Star. Wars.), photography (old-school film all the way), sporting events (Go, Phoenix Suns!), wine (particularly of the natural variety), and delicious food (including, but not limited to, Japanese, Mediterranean, and Mexican) made even more delectable when enjoyed with friends. 

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