Christy Scholes

Accounts Receivable

Numbers have always been Christy’s jam. Balancing the books, running the reports, and overseeing the invoicing plays to her strengths.

“I’ve always liked books and numbers,” says Christy, “and have always been management-minded.” Given these natural abilities, her role in accounts receivable at DayCloud Studios is a no brainer. Christy brings over three decades of experience, including managing dental offices to larger care facilities. 

When she is not creating spreadsheets and updating databases, Christy is happily getting her hands dirty, literally. An avid gardener, she grows anything with a root system – flowers, herb, fruits, and veg – in her large backyard plot. Then it’s time to indulge her other love – cooking, canning, and dehydrating what she harvests. “I live in the city but I am a country girl at heart. My dad was a farmer. I have dirt in my veins,” the Missouri native says.

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