Andrew Hunt

CFO & Chief Strategy Officer

Andrew is proof that business – as in spreadsheets and financial analysis - is creative. As DayCloud’s director of strategy, Andrew blends his analytical, by-the-numbers right brain with his entrepreneurial ingenuity.

Andrew has a BSBA in accounting and an MBA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a certificate in financial planning from Boston University. Throughout college and during the early years of his career, he held leadership positions in established corporations, which provided him the experience necessary to be what he calls “a serial entrepreneur.” As such, Andrew has founded multiple businesses, including one of his current companies, Hiley Hunt Wealth Management.


DayCloud, for Andrew, is a welcomed creative outlet, and he loves helping clients capture the voice and identity of their organizations in order to present their best selves. “This is curated,” he maintains. “It doesn’t happen by chance.” He brings this same enthusiasm to community involvement. His idea of “slowing down” is to one day open a restaurant “for the fun of it.”

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