DayCloud Studios

Who We Are

We are a brand strategy and creative agency. We focus on partnering with our clients to build brands that reflect their mission and purpose while targeting the audience that needs to hear it.

Our process is highly collaborative. We guide our clients through the creative steps to ensure the outcome meets their goals. Our team dives into our client's business to develop how the company will look, move, feel, and evolve.

Our desire is to be the Creative Partner to your team.

Liz Hunt

Liz leads a team of marketers, strategists, and creatives to capture and engage the vision of each client at DayCloud. As founder of DayCloud Studios, she is responsible for comprehensive creative direction, brand strategy, business development, and client consultation.

Under Liz's leadership, DayCloud has worked with some of the most significant enterprises in the midwest. Her clients include a top 100 public accounting firm and a Big East university, as well as large non-profits, and firms in the engineering and legal fields.

Often referred to as a creative yoda, Liz takes complicated ideas and breaks them into achievable tasks. She is an inspired and ambitious conductor. Her passion lies in building transformative brands that speak to the mission and purpose of her clients.